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Hey friends, hi hope you all are good, I wanted to write this post because majority of us don’t feel inspire everyday, it will be only for sometime and if suddenly something happen we forget everything and focus only on that problem which actually is not that big problem and we forget our goals, we watch so many motivation videos, thoughts but it remains only for few time, guys if we truly are focused on our goals, no other reasons will matter because everything will look small in front of our determination and will so be prepared by your mind and determine urself that u r not going to stop for any reason, don’t just follow but be creator and make others follow you, I just got a thought here which has really a very deep meaning it is, a person asks a God that god please give me everything so that I can enjoy my life so god replied so beautifully that I have given you life to enjoy everything.. So never forget to be happy and u don’t need daily inspiration if ur self determined…… Ur friend Arohi..


Hi friends how are you all, after a very long time ,I hope you all are great.. Actually friends we all go through some bad times or days where we really think now it’s enough or we can’t take that anymore but let me tell you guys this is not the end, this is just the beginning ,guys life at every turn changes and something unexpected will happen I just want to say whatever may happen let it be good or bad for now just enjoy it, actually live it because now which is looking like a big problem or u r lonely bad but someday u vl know these were the things and experiences which made u more stronger and made you, we think about our problems so much that we actually forget nothing is permanent even our situations and nothing can break us but ya only our own thoughts and way of thinking, just a slight change in ur thinking and then see u vl enjoy your life and don’t wait for someone to come and change everything for you but only u r the one who can change, so think little and hope you all lead ur life memorable and in beautiful way,so guys never loose hope in ur life, that everything is over and I am only bad ,y only me , such things because haste haste Kat jaye raste zindagi yuhi chalti rahe ,khushi mile ya gham badlenge na hum so just enjoy friends… 😍🎶

Ur friend

Arohi.. 😊

Story of heart break…

Hi friends how are you all, I hope you are doing well, actually this is a story of a girl and boy with lot of confusion, actually there was a girl and she found this boy and the moment she saw him, was the moment she fall in love with him, she started loving him, both of them started looking at each other and after some time they exchanged numbers and they used to talk daily and but she never told him that how much she loved him because of the fear that he may leave her and because of rejection so she thought it’s ok for some time let the things go as they are going on and one day she came to know from another friend that he and her best friend were dating and they also moved in a relationship without telling her, that was the first time she didn’t know what to do, so she asked her best friend she told that boy told her that not to tell, and when she asked him he told that her friend told not to tell, so guys who is telling true? But what was the fault of that girl that they both did, was her mistake she loved so much and trusted her friend blindly, and this was what she got back, but now they are not talking to each other and great part is they did not even ask sorry, may be according to them it was not at all mistake, friends never love someone so much because they are the person who hurt you so much….

Story :mother’s letter..

Hi friends how are you all, hope you all are doing well, actually this post is about a mother writing letter after death of her son, in this letter she started with, my son was 20 years old and now he is no more because yesterday as usual he went outside with his friends and night he called and told that mom you are the best mother in the world, you beard so much of insults because I did not study well, I hurted you so many times but the love for me never changed thank you so much mom he told and then he told that you take ur dinner I will be late and kept the phone, the next morning call came and she came to know that in accident her son was dead, that was heart breaking for his mother, then she wrote this letter and told that she had guilt that she was not even able to tell her son that he was best gift from God and how much she loved him, and he was awesome child, so she wrote that such thing should not happen with anyone, let it be ur mother, father, brother, sister, friends, it may be anyone go today only and tell them how much you love them, care them just go and tell, whatever is that all next in life, before its too late just tell, sometimes there is no tomorrow so be happy and let your dear one know how much you love, spread love to all

Ur friend


Broken Heart.. 😑

Hii friends, how are you all? Hope you all are doing great, actually friends wanted to share with you all one painful incident of my life which took few days before actually, friends NEVER EVER TRUST ANYONE OTHER THAN FAMILY, yes guys it’s true actually there was mine one friend who was very close to me, I used to share each and every thing with her, I never hurted her always trusted her very blindly, everything was going so on, in my life Someone special came I really liked him as a friend because I don’t know it was something different, I made her to meet shared everything with her and you know what she did, she came into contact with my friend and he left me as an option, I always used to ask both of them that if they are talking to each other, it’s OK I don’t have any problem but at least don’t lie to me but guess what happened they lied to me from 5 months and I was foolish to trust them, stupid but now few days back when I came to know it’s hurting me very badly how can they, I just want that pls don’t trust anyone blindly so that they can come and play with ur feelings and go as nothing happened, I am depressed I am not able to concentrate on anything, pls friends I never want such things happen to anyone to get hurt from someone who they trusted, feeling bad….. 

Let go…. 

Hey friends, hii hope you all are doing great, after a long time I am writing because of some reason I was not able to write so but finally now I am back, then friends I hope whoever reading this just put a smile and start reading, guys because ur smile is very precious for me friends, ha so now let go????? What is let, what to let go and how, why? So many questions na I will tell you let go the things, situations, people which threaten your peace of mind and heart, no matter how much ever close you may be to someone but sometimes if you are not happy with that person, they may be friends also if you are not then just let go I know it’s not easy but I am sure you will find a better way ahead why I am telling this is when your mind is not stable, ur depressed, ur crying feeling sad about something, leave it, because God has kept something more and better for you friends because happiness is everything but sometimes we depend so much on some one that we forget our likes, our desires, our aims no friends don’t do this because this is very important life if you live ur life in ur way just try once, so never compromise with your happiness for anyone, we should adjust sometimes in life but not at cost of our happiness, I hope you will think about it and let me know what you all think friends…                                                                                                   Ur friend                                                              Arohi..                                         Happy living 😃

es our wishes 

Somethings untold…

                                    Hiii friends hope you all are doing great, actually wanted to share with you all something that in life we leave so many things untold today I am really feeling that when there is time only we should tell, because sometimes it is either untold or left  forever so never leave,  if you feel to tell anything like thank you, sorry, anything to someone please,  whatever just tell it guys because it may become like it’s there is concept of too late so never be too late for anything and don’t regret for rest of ur lives, aaj I really felt that if I would have made little courage in past to express my feelings toh den may be today situations would be changed so friends at least in ur lives, u all express whatever you feel to the person whom you really want to say something all the best guys….                                                                                            HAPPY LIVING                                                                     Arohi… 😊